No modern organisation is untouched by or invulnerable to Risk – be it fraud, embezzlement, white collar crimes or litigations. These risks could be caused by disgruntled employees, dishonest dealers, corrupt vendors or ruthless competitors. Risk of this kind could cause irreparable damage to the organization’s credibility and brand. Hence, it is important to stay vigilant and take efforts to isolate individuals, corporates or situations that could affect the internal as well as external environment of an organisation, to avoid long-term loss and damage.

Charterhouse is an independent, Corporate Risk Management detective firmthat investigates and provides meaningful, as well as authentic information to its clients.  We aid our clients to minimize risks by offering information that facilitates in taking well-informed decisions.  Charterhouse team of investigators includes professionals from diverse backgrounds, viz. Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Medical Practice, Forensics, Accounting etc.


  • To become India’s most preferred service provider in Corporate Risk Management investigations
  • To enhance our service offerings through refined service processes and use of advanced technology


  • To observe strict code of conduct to successfully investigate critical assignments in a sensitive manner
  • To offer our clients the best output within time and budget constraints, through our team and network of highly skilled professionals across the country